It is with love that we have been working on a Valentines wish. A wish that isn’t just the carrier of an inspiring image created by our The Hague based street artist, but also brings us – De Passage – back to where we came from; Theater!

De Passage is a unique piece of heritage en is listed among the UNESCO family. We are proud of that heritage and we happily bring that to the attention.

That attention is focused this time on the art of being contemporary, even in the embrace of our creative ancestors whom established De Passage.

The result is the invitation of local street art talent Sophia den Breems and asking her to imagine love. A love for everybody; new love, old love, love of friends and so much more loves, all to be found right here on our own doorstep of The Hague.

Whilst we are inspired by our theatrical heritage, the notion of ‘romantic film’ and the idea that everybody has their own favourite love passage through which they recall love. Quotes where memory, the longing and dreams come together in imagination.

In the episodic micro movie ‘In Line For Love’ this quest for love is given presence. The chance meeting. The serendipitous discovery of beauty. In both person and present. The adventure of coming together. And the ‘new’ that the together can bring forth. An image that only context can realise.

Adding to that the wish to extend the potency of imagination – even beyond Valentine and the single image on your tote. We have printed all the imaginations created by Sophia on post cards and present them to you on Saturday February 10 so that you can forward your affections to your loves.

But, pay attention!

One of the cards added is there to send back to us and giving you the opportunity to win a €300,00 shopping voucher! And not just some pocket money, but a Personal Passage Shopper will help you pick the best items on your trip.

Note your e-mail address on the card, drop it into one of the red postboxes and grab a little more love on the way!

We wish you a lot of passion ahead and fun with your tote,

Warmest and see you soon,

De Passage

Eye spy with my little heart drop eyes
My own surprise for Valentines

Fall in love in De Passage 💕💕

Collect your – true ‘Haags’ – Surprise for Valentine in De Passage on Saturday Februari 10.
Together, in line for love.