Keiser en Zoon have been part of the historical Passage since 1897. This unique store is not just a stamp dealer, but also a museum, gallery and a utopia for stamp lovers all in one. When you a pay a visit to Keiser en Zoon, its almost like having a sentimental journey through a time where the digital world didn’t exist.


Even though there has been a lot of improvement and interest for new gadgets, our history is something we hold dear. This also means the love for postcards, letters, and stamps. To keep these items cherished, its imported to keep looking for locations where we can display these beautiful pieces to people who will benefit from it. This also applies to our Keiser en Zoon. The store will be close her doors on Saturday the 27th of October. The end of an era. An era that has been caught up by the digital revolution, but still has the urge to go back to the romantic old times.

Andre Hilgersom, who has been working in De Passage since 1980, will be continuing his passing in The Hague Action House Rietdijk, which will be having its 100th year anniversary next year.

Andre Hilgersom, sinds 1980 werkzaam in De Passage, zal zijn passie verder brengen in het Haagse veilinghuis Rietdijk, deze bestaat volgend jaar zelfs 100 jaar. Where he will pursue to tell his stories about stamps to philatelists and curious people.
We will be saying goodbye to entrepreneur who has been here since day one, who has helped built up De Passage to what it is now. The Shopping Heritage of The Netherlands.